Puppy Care Clinic +
Game On! Relationship Through Play

The Puppy Care Clinic helps you solve those common puppy problems and lay a solid foundation for navigating all puppy stages! Game On! is 15-day introductory course that will introduce you to our training philosophy, clicker training, and fundamentals of dog training.

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Puppy Out and About

Socialization, acclimation, and exposure are VERY important but doing it safely and doing it right are key to help your puppy become the best they can be!

E-Learning Enrollment: Puppy Out and About

Puppy Skills

Teaching you how to build a strong relationship through communication, clarity, and consistency. Offering the BEST foundation obedience to help you teach your puppy manners others will envy.

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Rockin' Recalls

Having a reliable recall can save your dog's life. This course is dedicated to teaching you games to make coming back to you fun and reliable. Wether from the backyard or at the dog park, with this course your dog will be dashing back to you with enthusiasm.

E-Learning Enrollment: Rockin' Recalls

Leash Manners

Loose leash walking and heeling are two different things. In this course we dive into the differences between them and share fun games that will teach you how to train both. You will have a well-mannered pooch on the walking trails in no time!

E-Learning Enrollment: Leash Manners

Distraction Action!

Dreaded distractions are the nemesis of many dog's mis-behaving. In this course we play games to teach you how to train your dog to resist temptations and follow through with direction in the presence of distractions.

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The Perfect Stay

Stay is a foreign word to many dogs. The concept of holding a behavior is novel and it's our job to teach them. This course breaks teaching stays into small manageable chunks so you AND your dog can be successful!

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