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Puppy Life (XL)

At Canine Craze we always focus on our pillars first; Relationship, Discipline, Presence Control, and Practical Work.  These pillars are so important when identifying where the training might be going wrong and the foundation to Canine Craze's training system.

Successful puppy training starts with the human-end of the leash.  In our Puppy Life (XL) class we will teach you the proper handler mechanics for using positive reinforcement training techniques.  We will also focus on the three critical parts of training; criteria, timing, and rate of reinforcement.

There are many layers when training your puppy to perform fluently and reliably.  Throughout the Puppy Life (XL) class we will focus on the following layers; value building, shaping, luring, and capturing.  Along with focus on puppy socialization and solving common puppy problems.  We will dive deeper into what each of these are and how to break them down into manageable chunks to help your puppy better understand what you expect of them. 

For young puppies socialization is critical and time we don't get back once it's gone.  Using a variety of games we will teach you how to successfully socialize your puppy doing things such as; acclimation and conditioning too noises, positively interacting with new and unusual things, crate training, and grooming.

With purchase you will get:

  • 31 training videos
  • 6 BONUS videos with access to our Puppy Care Clinic
  • Access to the content for 3-months
  • Virtual training support via email and online forum